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About David Fichter
David Fichter has been creating community murals and mosaics for over 40 years, working all over the United States and in other countries, including Armenia, Georgia, and Nicaragua. He has worked with youth of all ages on over 200 permanent murals, in addition to another 70 commissioned projects. Project highlights include: a twenty seven year award winning environmental science mural about the Mystic River in Somerville, MA, working with high school students from the Mystic Housing Project; Further the Dream: The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, a mural with students at the King and King Open Elementary Schools in Cambridge, MA; Lamitye: the Hatitian/American Friendship Mural, a ceramic relief mural at the Graham and Parks Elementary School; The Potluck, a mural in Central Square, Cambridge about the surrounding multi-ethnic neighborhood; Lifeline: Creating a Healthy Community, sponsored by S.P.A.R.C. in Los Angeles and painted on the outside of a neighborhood health clinic. Fichter's more recent projects include "Native Waters", a 350 ft. mural on DeKalb Ave in Atlanta Georgia, which was painted with over a 100 community volunteers. This environmental mural traces the journey of the rivers and watersheds of Georgia from the location of the mural, which is on the Eastern Sub-Continental Divide. Recently, Fichter collaborated with muralist Joshua Winer to design and paint "The Wayne History Mural" on the outside of an art deco movie theater in Wayne, Michigan. In 2013 the same team of Fichter and Winer received a commission from Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas to design and create a large scale 4 panel mosaic on a new building at the Larry Combest Health and Wellness Center. In 2021, Fichter worked with artists Yetti Frenkel and Joshua Winer to design and build two large glass mosaics for the Lucretia and Joseph Brown Elementary School in Marblehead, MA. During the same year he painted the 80 ft. long mural in Chelsea MA, called "Chelsea Resilient: Call and Response Through The Ages".
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